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Detroit People’s Platform, A Year Later

What does it mean when even after a last-minute venue change over 100 overworked community activists across seven city council districts turn out to an event committed to bringing about social change? I think it means a movement is building. Tuesday, June 12th marked the second annual meeting of the Detroit... more

Detroiters March for Transit Justice

It’s a tale of two cities when it comes to Detroit.  While certain pockets of the city that are home to entrepreneurs and the “creative class” continue on a path to revitalization,  the rest of the city gets left even further behind.  Few... more

The Long and Short of It

News of a recent grant to fund an alternative bus service in Detroit raises many questions about what should take priority in a commons-based system- a long term vision or a short term solution.  Kim Klein argues that we need to recognize that while the people stepping in to provide these altnerative services are filling a need in the community, often they (and those supporting the programs) fail to realize that these alternatives are only short-term solutions to problems that need bigger fixes.


Detroit People’s Platform and Convention held at Marygrove College

Patrick Geans, a reporter for the Michigan Citizen, recaps the Detroit People's Platform and Convention, organized by Building Movement Detroit, which took place on June 1st.  Over 200 community residents and leaders from all seven city council districts attended the Convention, which was organized around 5 main issue platforms- government, jobs, land acquisition, food and transportation.