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Small Shifts, Big Change

Sean Thomas-Breitfeld kicks off our series of blog posts focusing on our slate of upcoming reports on the "5% shifts" in nonprofit work and social service provision that lead to organizations raising up constituent voice, fostering community cohesion and increasing engagement in advocacy efforts. In this post, Sean reflects on his own volunteer experiences growing up in Milwaukee, and how they compare to the work highlighted in Detroit.


Women of SNCC: Passing the Torch, Preserving the Flame


On Sunday, January 15th more than 60 Detroit area women and girl activists and advocates representing a variety of causes and racial ethnic groups, gathered to celebrate the historic role of women in the fight for peace and justice. Hosted by the Building Movement Project Detroit and the M.L.K. Day 2012 Committee, the event honored five women members of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Council (SNCC) with family ties rooted in Detroit. Sharing personal stories documented in the book “Hands on the Freedom Plow”, younger women and next generation activists were transported back to the pre- Civil Rights days of terror and oppression as experienced by African Americans, especially those who were caught in the exploitative share cropping system. The women spoke of the courage and vision of many of those community members who braved retaliation and the threat of death simply to register and vote. more

Building Movement Project in Detroit

While the Building Movement Project is a nationally-focused organization, we’ve always had a very special relationship with Detroit. Linda Campbell - long time Detroit resident and member of the Building Movement Project Team since its founding 10 years ago – has deep connections throughout this city and has always encouraged us to look to Detroit as a place where some of the best ideas for community-led social change are developed and implemented.