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Keeping Students First: Building Community Labor Partnerships for Strong Schools

This report explores what happened in two cities—St. Paul, Minnesota and Austin, Texas—where unions have established partnerships reminiscent of the alignment between labor and community groups in Chicago in 2012. Also, this report provides analysis and tools for labor and community groups nationwide that hope to overcome... more

When Community and Labor Join Forces

On March 31st, I sat down for a fast-paced webinar with two veteran organizers, and I knew our conversation couldn’t come at a more crucial time. With labor regulations under attack at the national level and community groups increasingly under-resourced, people’s movements face new challenges to... more

Getting Out of Poverty Takes More Than Grit

Jesse is a recent graduate of Brown University and a 2014 Fulbright recipient. Earlier this month, Aisha Sultan wrote an article for the Atlantic titled “The Limitations of Teaching ‘Grit’ in the Classroom.” In it, Sultan critiqued the idea that if low-income children just transform their mindsets... more

Updates from our Partners: Somos Mayfair

Somos Mayfair is a long-time partner of BMP on our work on Social Change for Service Providers. They've recently started a new campaign to reverse education and health inequities in their community. They've received a major foundation gift to aid them in this important work, but need more help in order to make real change happen. Check out their project update to learn more about the campaign and find out how you can help. more

NYU Wagner’s RCLA to Host Global Social Change Leadership Institute

Our friends at NYU Wagner's Research Center for Leadership in Action are hosting a Global Social Change Leadership Institute this summer, which will give university and graduate students and recent college graduates from across the globe an opportunity to gain practical knowledge and skills to effectively advance social justice in their communities. Limited scholarships are available, and the deadline to apply for this great opportunity is March 15, 2012. more

Mobilize.org Launches Target 2020

To offer Millennials the tools they need to achieve their personal educational goals and realize the impact it can have on their communities by the year 2020, Mobilize.org will convene three Democracy 2.0 Summits in North Carolina (October 22-24, 2010), California and Florida (dates TBD), titled “Target 2020: My Education. Our Future.” more

Suggested Readings on the Commons

These week, practitioners in Detroit will be discussing the commons and how it applies to their work in a day-long workshop led by Project Team Members, Kim Klein and Linda Campbell. To get started thinking about how to develop and use a commons-based frame to organize social change in your own work, check out this selection of readings.


Kim Klein and the Commons: Financial Literacy is a key to reform

According to a study commissioned by the National Council on Economic Education, only 7 of the 50 United States require high school students to received financial education in the schools. I bring this up because I am constantly puzzling about how to make taxes seem interesting to people and I think part of the problem is that most people understand very little about their own finances, and asking them to understand the various kinds of taxes attached to almost every financial transaction is just beyond the realm of possibility. Without robust, vibrant, knowledgeable debate about taxes and tax policy, we will stay a nation that claims to believe in equality, but in practice implements systems that on a daily basis make a minority of people richer and richer and the majority poorer and poorer. Financial literacy may be the needed first step for any real meaningful reform...


Understanding the Next Generation of Nonprofit Employees: The Impact of Educational Debt

A study conducted for The Building Movement Project by Amanda Ballard, which finds that contrary to prediction, debt does not appear to deter graduates from seeking and securing jobs in the nonprofit sector. more