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Detroit: Not as “Abandoned” as it Seems

There are two opposing narratives about the estimated 78,000 buildings that stand vacant and abandoned in Detroit.  On one hand, the “ruins” stand as captivating relics from a better time – inspiring “ruin porn” tourism and documentaries.  On another hand, the urban blight serves as... more

One Step Forward for Equality, But Long Road Ahead

Last summer, we released our report At the Crossroads: The Future of the LGBT Movement the same week that the Supreme Court struck down DOMA and Proposition 8. While we celebrated these momentous victories for the LGBT Movement, we also reminded folks of the long road ahead before LGBT Americans gain... more

Bettering Services, Saving Money

What happens when a conservative state reforms an entire social service program, with the goal of making it more cost-effective? Usually, you’d probably end up with a program that did little to better the lives of the people it served – or you’d have a group... more

Sports: For the Greater Good?

I have a chalkboard in my apartment that counts down day-by-day until the next Olympics.  I love the Games.  I love the history, I love the pageantry, I love watching athletes who have trained their whole lives finally achieve Olympic Gold. Lately, It is hard for me to... more

SNAP Cuts Hit Hard in New Mexico

In the lead up to, and during, the federal government shutdown late last year, we wrote a lot about how governmental cuts and shutdowns tend to affect America’s most vulnerable populations much more than they affect the proverbial middle class.  We used the delayed disbursement of SNAP... more

Prosperity and Poverty During the Holidays

In the wake of Nelson Mandela’s passing last week, many eulogizing the great leader have been talking about freedom.  Freedom for Mandela after being released from Robben Island.  Freedom for the people of South Africa after apartheid.  But the quest for freedom is not just a relic of history. Mandela advocated for a very modern cause too – freedom from poverty.


A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

An estimated 92 million shoppers took advantage of holiday deals on Black Friday this year.  Yet as those of us too full from Thanksgiving leftovers to brave the box-store crowds watched the usual reports of long lines and record sales on news broadcasts throughout the day, a few other stories... more

A Guaranteed Income for Everyone?

At Building Movement, we’ve been writing a lot recently about poverty in America and the importance of a strong social safety net. During the recent government shutdown, we turned our focus to those who would be affected most – folks who rely on government services for... more

The Most Unequal Place in America

In 1994, Time Magazine set out to identify the poorest place in America.  They settled on Lake Providence Parish, a small community in rural Louisiana where they note that, “the median annual household income in Block Numbering Area 9903, which covers the southern two-thirds of Lake Providence and three-quarters of... more

Detroiters March for Transit Justice

It’s a tale of two cities when it comes to Detroit.  While certain pockets of the city that are home to entrepreneurs and the “creative class” continue on a path to revitalization,  the rest of the city gets left even further behind.  Few... more

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