Equipping nonprofits to advance social change

Caroline McAndrews


Caroline McAndrews supports the Building Movement Project's work, in addition to other projects related to her Master's Degree in Design for Social Innovation at School of Visual Arts. She originally joined BMP in 2004, and most recently served as Director of Research & Documentation.  In that capacity, she oversaw the Project’s research and learning on social service and social change, the use of a commons approach to movement building, and generational changes in leadership, including multigenerational and alternative structures.  In addition, she coordinated the documentation of on-the-ground examples in these areas.  She is the author of What Works: Developing Successful Multigenerational Leadership and co-author of Structuring Leadership: Alternative Models for Distributing Power and Decision-Making in Nonprofit Organizations, as well as the Small Shifts, Big Change series. Prior to Building Movement, Caroline was a member of the economic security team at the Ms. Foundation for Women, where she provided funding, technical assistance, and networking opportunities to nonprofits across the country working with women to start small businesses, organize for workers’ rights, and develop leadership in labor unions. Before working at Ms., she served as the IDA Program Coordinator for Mid-Peninsula Housing Coalition, a low-income housing developer in Redwood City, California.