Equipping nonprofits to advance social change

Service and Social Change

These tools are designed to help build organizational support and capacity for integrating social change practices into the work of providing services in communities. These materials are based on many years of on-the-ground work supporting change efforts in a variety of nonprofits, as well as interviews with service providers and consultants, as well as case studies profiling successful organizations. The tools are intended to support constituents, clients, members, staff, and boards in their work to both provide services needed to survive, and nurture the voice and power of residents to thrive.

For a more detailed framework for integrating progressive social change values and practices into the work on nonprofit service organizations, please see Service and Social Change: A Process Guide. For information, tools, case studies and other resources to help nonprofit groups develop core competencies on constituent and community engagement, please see Nonprofits Integrating Constituent Engagemenet (NICE) Guide.

Also, if your organization seeks more customized, hands-on support, Building Movement Project conducts presentations and trainings, and also offers consulting services for nonprofit service organizations. Find out more here.

Please visit tools2engage.org for over 100 additional tools on this topic from across the sector.

Building Your Organizational Community

Any change process needs a community to sustain it, start building yours here

Understanding the Problem

Develop an analysis of the systemic issues that are at the root of the problems your community faces

Applying the Practice

Create strategies and structures to build momentum towards social change

Creating Larger Change

Think about the capacities and partnerships needed to create social change on an even bigger scale

Assessing Your Work

Take stock of your community and social change work, recommit to your vision and try something new

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