Equipping nonprofits to advance social change


These tools are designed to help you apply what the Building Movement Project has learned about how to work across generations and build leadership for social change in your organization and in the nonprofit sector.  It is based on interviews, case studies, and in-depth research we’ve done over the years and is intended to support organizations, staff, and board members in their work towards stronger multi-generational leadership.

This is a jumping off point. For more detailed information, research and additional exercises, please see Working Across Generations. Building Movement Project conducts presentations and trainings custom-designed for nonprofit and social service organizations. Find out more here

Nonprofit Sector and Movement Context

Gain a more complete understanding of the context in which we’re all working.

Understanding the Generations and Bridging the Gaps

Understand your organization’s assumptions and move forward in a way that values the contributions of each person and generation.

Role and Tasks for Each Generation

Help each member of your team get clear on their own priorities now, and for the future.

Understanding, Building, and Practicing Trust

Learn why trust is an essential component of preventing, and solving, generational crises.

Organizational Leadership Structures and Practices

Examine the leadership structures and practices currently in place.

Navigating Leadership Transitions

Navigate this complex dynamic from both sides of transition.

Additional Resources