Current Movement Building Organizations

There are some groups we’d like to highlight that are currently building movements in their communities.  Head to their websites for more information about what they’re doing and how they’re achieving change.  For a more complete list of people who are doing great movement building work, head to our page on featured Movement Builders. Project SouthBased […]

History of Social Movements in the United States

The history of the United States provides rich examples for social movements and movement building. Below are some resources that you might find useful for a historical outline of modern social movements in the US. Interactive timeline of US social movements, from SAALT The Labor MovementSee also: NPR’s history of the labor movementImportant groups:o     […]

NYU Wagner’s RCLA to Host Global Social Change Leadership Institute

Through this two-week intensive program, university and graduate students and recent college graduates from across the globe can gain the practical knowledge and skills to effectively advance social justice in their communities. Hands-on, interactive workshops and presentations by faculty experts and speakers at the forefront of policy reform and advocacy, coalition building, direct service, and […]

Women of SNCC: Passing the Torch, Preserving the Flame

On Sunday, January 15th more than 60 Detroit area women and girl activists and advocates representing a variety of causes and racial ethnic groups, gathered to celebrate the historic role of women in the fight for peace and justice.  Hosted by the Building Movement Project Detroit and the M.L.K. Day 2012 Committee, the event honored […]

Census Release: Hard-to-Count Populations Counted at Higher Rates than Expected

The most recent newsletter from Nonprofit VOTE (formerly the Nonprofit Voter Engagement Network (NVEN) reports that the recently released 2010 Census figures show that members of the population deemed “hard-to-count” were included in this year’s census at significantly higher rates than expected.  The newsletter also points to the important role that nonprofits played last year in helping […]

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