Tools for Social Change

This online resource center is a space to share and highlight practical tools that organizations can use to integrate movement-building and social change strategies into their everyday work.  Here you’ll find a growing collection of exercises, tools and civic engagement models that allow organizations to enter into this work at whichever point reflects their stage of development.  […]

Tools for Social Change: Additional Tools and Resources

Building Movement Project Resources * Social Service and Social Change: A Process Guide: A guidebook that was developed for staff and board members of non-profit service organizations who are interested in learning how to incorporate progressive social change values and practices into their work.  It uses a step-by-step process to identify how to address systemic problems […]

Tools for Social Change: Learning and Awareness Tools & Exercises

* Theory of Social Change: Many service agencies use some sort of theory of change to articulate their service provision goals.  This exercise uses this familiar framework to help organizations develop an analysis and clear goals around their approach to social change. (Adapted from Theory of Social Change exercise from the Power Tools Manual developed by SCOPE).  * Community Problems […]

Tools for Social Change: Getting Started

* Why Nonprofits and Social Change Work? This excerpt from Social Service & Social Change: A Process Guide, makes the case for why nonprofits are well positioned to do social change work.  It also offers an overview of the process of incorporating social change values and practices into your work, and a useful classification of groups doing social […]

Tools for Social Change: Frameworks for Determining Social Change Work and Civic Engagement

Frameworks for Determining Social Change Work and Civic Engagement * Features of Movement Capacity Building for Nonprofits: How do organizations develop strategies and structures to facilitate the process of building momentum towards social change, and when do strategies and structures hurt this momentum?  While both forms of capacity building are important, this tool points to some […]

Tools for Social Change: Examples and Stories of Social Change Work and Civic Engagement

Examples and Stories of Social Change Work and Civic Engagement * M.O.V.E. Coalition (Family & Children’s Service, Minneapolis, MN) * Community Leadership Development Program (Family & Children’s Service, Minneapolis, MN) * The Family Project (Family & Children’s Service, Minneapolis, MN) * Newcomer Connection – Capacity & Leadership Training Program (North York Community House, Toronto, ON) * Popular Theater (Somos Mayfair, San Jose, CA) * Community Action […]

Alliances for Change Featured in Jesse Smith Noyes Newsletter

Workers’ centers, youth-based action groups, and urban justice organizations are among those changing the face of traditional community organizing. Many of these groups engage a range of approaches beyond targeted campaign work—from service delivery to media ownership to voter engagement. Jesse Smith Noyes featured a piece about their grantees whose work was cited as examples of organizing […]

Making Social Change Case Studies: Additional Web Resources

Resources available in PDF format and on the web: Queens Community House     * Visit their website    * Identifying Values: a step by step exercise used during a community building retreat.     * Community Building Orientation: a section from the pages of the staff orientation guide. Somos Mayfair     * Visit their website    * Social Movement Time-Line: presents the […]

ROPE Bakers Invited to Inauguration Day

ROPE is a baking employment project of the Capuchin Soup Kitchen, a human service organization in Detroit, MI that is sponsored by the Capuchins of the Province of St. Joseph.  Under the guidance of Brother Ray Stadmeyer, OFM Cap., ROPE bakes and sells goods, including bread, turnovers, pies and cookies, throughout the archdiocese of Detroit.  […]

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