Court Rulings Must Lead to Broader Alliance Building


Written by Frances Kunreuther

Our new report, At the Crossroads: The Future of the LGBT Movement, was conceived over a year ago. Little did we think then it would be released the same week that the Supreme Court would be deciding two cases on same-sex marriage and challenges to affirmative action and the Voting Rights Act. The SCOTUS decisions only confirm what we heard for LGBT leaders of advocacy and organizing groups – that the vision of the community is ready to expand to include full rights for LGBT people and stronger alliances with all justice movements.

And things are starting to change. On Tuesday we saw postings about the devastating Supreme Court decision dismantling of the Voting Rights Act from LGBT groups across the nation expressing their solidarity. And yesterday immigrant rights, racial justice and other groups working progressive social change were celebrating the end of DOMA. But this is only the beginning. These alliances need to be nurtured and extended into our everyday activism. As noted in the At the Crossroads report, LGBT leadership needs to build a strong base within that can both have laser-sharp policy aims and a large and inclusive vision for social change.

While the LGBT community celebrates and consolidates its accelerating gains, it is also looking to the future. The people we heard from talked about justice, fairness, and the intersections of race, gender, sexuality and class. Many noted the importance of issues such as immigration reform and building leadership of color, especially within the LGBT movement. For respondents – and for many others – it was both personal and political as explained  by Building Movement’s co-director Sean Thomas-Breitfeld

We know from history that we must pause and acknowledge our wins; then we must get up the next day and keep fighting – together.

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