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Happy Tax Day!

In celebration of tax day, we at Building Movement Project wanted to present two informative links to understanding tax policy. First, the latest blog post by Kim Klein and a link to Nonprofits Talking Taxes, a workshop focused on lifting common good principles and understanding the role of tax policy. ... more

Talking Taxes

Today is commonly known as "Tax Day" in the United States. I am a partner in a consulting firm and we pay "estimated" taxes, so I have just returned from mailing them off. "Estimated tax" is the amount of tax we will owe this year if we earn the same... more

Connecting Taxes to the Common Good

This post originally appeared on the Bolder Advocacy Blog For at least the past 15 years, almost all nonprofits have experienced the effects of government funding cutbacks. Those organizations who were directly funded suffered immediately, but those who had no government funding found themselves competing with previously publicly supported institutions for... more

Can We All Do Better if We All Did Better?

"Set aside politics. Set aside competitiveness. Imagine what it would be like if there was enough money to go around. Imagine the powerful force nonprofits can be for the Common Good" – Renee McGiven, host of the Nonprofit Spark podcast In the nonprofit sector, we all care passionately about our... more

Spotlight On: Nonprofits Talking Taxes

How many times have you heard someone at your nonprofit say, "We just have to do more with less"? The recent financial downturn, cuts to government services and rising costs have led nonprofit organizations across the country into a state of crisis. How do you continue to provide your much needed services when funding streams seem to have run dry? Where do you turn? The answer, according to Project Team member and renowned fundraising trainer, Kim Klein, is taxes. She started the Nonprofits Talking Taxes program to encourage California nonprofits to become active in the debate surrounding CA budget and tax policy reform. Through monthly webinars, workshops, and free trainings, Kim educates nonprofit staffers on the particulars of taxes and how a reform in tax policy could help bring an end to the nonprofit budget crisis. Not located in California? Kim's trainings provide a base of information that's helpful to people across the country who want to become more active in the tax debate.


Really Talking About Taxes

Can we shed a positive light on Tax Day? Yes, says project team member Kim Klein in her most recent blog post from Kim Klein and the Commons. She argues that we should use Tax Day as an opportunity to discuss all the great things that our tax dollars pay for, as well as the common good they serve to protect. She highlights the work of many other organizations who are working towards highlighting the positive aspects of taxes, and discusses how the Occupy Wall Street movement continues to play a role in this conversation.


Nonprofits Talking Taxes

On December 8th, Project Team member Kim Klein hosted this webinar about how Nonprofits need to see themselves as a "common good lobby" to advocate for the ideas that people are more important than profit, that some things are simply not for sale, and that our job is to create a society in which it is easy to be good.


Is the charitable tax deduction really fair?

BMP Project Team member Kim Klein argues in the Nonprofit Quarterly that if we really want to incentivize charitable giving--and create a more just tax code--then it's time to eliminate the charitable tax deduction.


BMP Project Team member Kim Klein in Nonprofit Quarterly

Read Kim Klein's piece Talking about Taxes from the Fall 2010 edition of the Nonprofit Quarterly. Find out more about the nonprofit tax crisis, and why the nonprofit sector needs a unified identity and voice around these issues.


Become a facebook fan of “Show Me the Money!” - a tax workshop by BMP’s Kim Klein

BMP’s Kim Klein, one of the nation’s best known and loved fundraising trainers, is offering free Show Me the Money! workshops to nonprofits in the San Francisco bay area. Become a fan on facebook and find out about upcoming trainings near you!


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