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Three Emergent Themes

Every six months, we spend four packed days with our Project Team to discuss the Building Movement Project work and direction, and to hear what our team members are seeing and thinking about in their everyday work. We always work hard in these meetings, but we also make time to... more

Obamacare: The Potential in Service to Social Change

This past week, the Building Movement Project Team had the privilege to hear from several leaders in Los Angeles about how the implementation of Obamacare is being leveraged by forward-looking organizations, both service and organizing, as an opportunity for movement building.


BMP Welcomes New Project Team Members!

The Building Movement Project is excited to announce the addition of two new members to our Project Team! Dushaw Hockett and Andrea Plaza will begin their tenures on the team this month, though they have already been contributing to Building Movement Project work. Most recently, Andrea has been one of the leaders on a project in New Mexico exploring how service providers and community organizing groups can collaborate for social change. Dushaw has been working with fellow Team member Linda Campbell in Detroit on how to strengthen organizing and leadership.establishing a vibrant black/brown alliance across communities and strengthening leadership in the city.