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Detroit Emergency Management and What it Means for Democracy

The City of Detroit has been in the news a lot recently, as Michigan Governor Rick Snyder decided to pass a controversial Emergency Manager law (a similar law was defeated by popular vote in November). The Emergency Manager law gives Michigan state officials the ability to appoint one person to take over almost all of city operations, and eliminates the powers of the publicly-elected City Council. Citing mounting debts and insufficient income, the state government says that Detroit’s dire financial straits necessitate bringing in an Emergency Manager- someone who will have unilateral authority to alter or eliminate collective bargaining agreements, cut city services, and lay off public employees. Since a similar provision went into effect in Pontiac, MI, the emergency manager there has privatized the Department of Public Works, outsourced many public services, and put every city-owned piece of property up for sale. All of this is done without any oversight from publicly elected city officials (though in some cases the mayor of cities with emergency managers remains on board in a consultant role). With so many problems facing the City, is the City Manager law the right response?


BMP Study Featured in Chronicle of Philanthropy Article

Our upcoming study on younger nonprofit executive directors was featured in a Chronicle of Philanthropy piece about what it takes to be at the helm of an organization. The report, written by Helen Kim and Frances Kunreuther, is based on interviews with 17 young executive directors about how they view their roles and what supports have helped them as they rose to the top of (or were brought in to lead) their organizations. Director of Research and Documentation, Caroline McAndrews, was also featured in the story.


Podcast: NAMAC Structuring Leadership Telesalon

In December, Caroline McAndrews and Frances Kunreuther led a discussion on our new report, Structuring Leadership: Alternative Models for Distributing Power and Decision-making in Nonprofit Organizations. The presentation was only open to NAMAC members at the time, but a recording of the event is now open to the public. Continue reading to listen along if you are interested in hearing about examples from our recent study of organizations practicing shared leadership, or how these methods could be applied in your own organization. more

Millennials in the Workplace: BMP Guest Blog at Social Citizens

In the lead up to the Millennial Donor Summit, hosted by the Case Foundation on Junee 22nd, Director of Leadership & Communications, Caroline McAndrews was asked to guest blog over at Social Citizens. Read her post about the evolution of the multigenerational workplace. more

Census Release: Hard-to-count populations counted at higher rates than expected

The most recent newsletter from Nonprofit VOTE (formerly the Nonprofit Voter Engagement Network (NVEN) reports that the recently released 2010 Census figures show that members of the population deemed “hard-to-count” were included in this year’s census at significantly higher rates than expected. The newsletter also points to the important role that nonprofits played last year in helping to reach these populations. Click here to access the full Nonprofit Vote newsletter and to read more about this report. more

Team Member Robby Rodriguez discusses Bridging Generation Gaps at Nonprofits

Read the transcript from this recent live web discussion hosted by the Chronicle of Philanthropy, which looks at the causes of generation gaps among nonprofit workers and practical strategies for closing the divide. more

BMP Featured in ACOSA’s Fall Newsletter

Bob Feikema – Director of Community Initiatives at Family Resources in Pittsburgh, and participant in the Building Movement Project’s Social Service and Social Change convening this past June – shares his reflections on the convening and the role of service providers in social change work in the latest newsletter of the Association for Community Organization and Social Administration (ACOSA). more

Show Me the Money! BMP’s Kim Klein offers free tax policy training for nonprofits

BMP's Kim Klein, one of the nation's best known and loved fundraising trainers, is offering Show Me the Money! workshops at no cost to nonprofits in the San Francisco bay area. Tired of delivering bad news about “doing more with less?” This two hour workshop will help energize your staff about revenue solutions instead of local and state budget cuts.


Non Profit Governance Models: Problems and Prospects

This article by Pat Bradshaw explores existing and alternative non-profit board structures. The authors present four possible models and the possibilities of developing hybrid models based on the needs on individual organizations. more