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Building Community from the Inside Out

This report, the first in a series about organizational "5% shifts", includes two case studies of community building efforts by nonprofit organizations in Detroit and New York City. St. Matthew’s & St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church’s hot breakfast program in Detroit offers a model of a small shift in engagement with community members seeking healthy meals in the midst of an urban food desert. Their decision to shift from using a soup line mode of serving individuals to serving groups with shared ‘family-style’ meals leveraged the power of ritual around meals, which are both nostalgic and deeply affirming, to transform dynamics between clients and volunteers. But more importantly the shared meal time became a way to model the kind of community the church envisions for Detroit—one of mutual aid, sharing and abundance. The other case—Queens Community House—provides an example of community building among staff. The organization took on the challenge of fostering relationships among staff; not to boost morale and retention, but to live its values and principles in all parts of the organization.


Stories from the Field: Successes at St. Stephen’s

In this next installment of Stories From the Field, we bring you news from St. Stephen’s Community House in Toronto. We first heard about the work at St. Stephen’s house 5 years ago, when they joined us for a training full of innovative service providers in Toronto looking to solve the systemic issues their clients were facing. This year, in the face of budget cuts that would drastically limit funds for the city’s homeless shelters and public housing units, program participants at St. Stephen’s Community House rallied together to ensure that the city did not cut off these vital resources. more

Stories from the Field: Building Solidarity Across Silos

Two months ago we launched our Stories from the Field series with a case study about developing board readiness for advocacy. This month’s submission, Whatever it Takes: Building Solidarity Across Silos, takes us to Illinois where a newly formed state-wide coalition, Illinois Partners for Human Service, took a savvy approach to building voice, power, and relationships among service providers and associations. more

Stories from the Field: Developing Board Readiness for Advocacy

Service and Social Change: Stories from the Field offers you the opportunity to come to us with stories of how your service organization is working to make change in your community. Our first featured “story from the field” comes to us via our partners at the Colorado Civic Participation Project. Developing Board Readiness for Advocacy tells the story of how the staff of Habitat for Humanity of Colorado worked to build support for advocacy work amongst their board – a common struggle for service providers in this position. more

Catalysts for Change

Catalysts for Change: How California Nonprofits Can Deliver Direct Services and Transform Communities offers a snapshot of how California-based health and human service providers engage in activities beyond services to address the causes of the problems facing their constituents. Part Two of the report, offers five in-depth case studies of California-based health and social service providers that are engaging in non-service activities to address systemic issues – such as poverty, inequality, and health disparities – as well as building the voice and power of their constituents. more

Making Social Change

The Building Movement Project developed this set of case studies as a response to numerous requests from groups looking for real-life examples of the often-challenging process of incorporating social change models into social service work. The case studies - geared toward practitioners, board members, and funders interested in this work - include organizational profiles, a reflection guide and additional web resources.


Making Social Change Case Studies: Additional Web Resources

We’ve received a great deal of positive feedback from readers not only about Making Social Change: Case Studies of Nonprofit Social Service Providers, but also about the usefulness of the supplemental resources available for download via the case studies web page. So we thought we’d take this opportunity to point all of you towards our Additional Web Resources page in case you hadn’t had the chance yet to explore it on your own! The Additional Web Resources page adds further depth to the stories highlighted in Making Social Change by offering access to the actual tools and models used by the featured organizations to facilitate their social change goals. more