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Prosperity and Poverty During the Holidays

In the wake of Nelson Mandela’s passing last week, many eulogizing the great leader have been talking about freedom.  Freedom for Mandela after being released from Robben Island.  Freedom for the people of South Africa after apartheid.  But the quest for freedom is not just a relic of history. Mandela advocated for a very modern cause too – freedom from poverty.


A Guaranteed Income for Everyone?

At Building Movement, we’ve been writing a lot recently about poverty in America and the importance of a strong social safety net. During the recent government shutdown, we turned our focus to those who would be affected most – folks who rely on government services for... more

The Most Unequal Place in America

In 1994, Time Magazine set out to identify the poorest place in America.  They settled on Lake Providence Parish, a small community in rural Louisiana where they note that, “the median annual household income in Block Numbering Area 9903, which covers the southern two-thirds of Lake Providence and three-quarters of... more

Shutdown Ends, but Suffering Designed to Continue

The 16-day government shutdown came to an end early this morning. Apparently the warnings that the U.S. would run out of the money needed to pay its debts, causing a widespread bank collapse, were enough to get the leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives to break their... more

In Shutdown, Need to Remember Who Is Affected Most

As we enter the second week of the government shutdown, we’ve heard stories of its effect across the country - from the shuttering of national parks; to NASA’s website going dark; to certain congress people explaining why they still need to receive a regular paycheck, even... more

Happy Poverty Day!

You didn’t know Poverty Day was a thing? I kid, it’s not really something worth celebrating, but this is the one time a year when we can count on the media to focus on the economy as it is experienced by the millions who are struggling... more