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As long-term leaders in the nonprofit sector think about life after they leave their current jobs, two things become clear: They are not planning to move into traditional retirement, and they want to continue to contribute to the common good.  At the same time, younger generations are already leading, and making big strides.  The exercises and reports in this section will provide helpful information for both sides to prepare for this transition, as well as future transitions now.


With few established pathways out of their current roles, long-term leaders who have contributed for decades to social change are figuring out their future steps, including how to stay financially secure and socially relevant.  Many of them are considering not only how to leave long term jobs, but also the organizations that they founded.  In most cases, however, this will involve staying in the sector in some capacity rather than entering traditional retirement.  Ultimately, however they end up defining this new period in the lifespan not only affects the larger boomer cohort, it also has implications for the map of life and work for younger generations as they age.

Additionally, it has become clear over the last decade, that GenXers and Millennials have big visions for change and are looking to build scale and impact in the social change sector. They are working and organizing during a time of both great opportunity and great need. The desire to build strategic partnerships, expand base building and leadership development, and increase organizational strength and sustainability all pose a complex challenge.

navigating leadership transitions