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American Express NGen Fellows - including BMP’s Trish Tchume - Release Leadership Report

BMP's Trish Tchume is a member of the inaugural cohort of the Independent Sector’s American Express NGen Fellows program, which gives emerging nonprofit leaders an exceptional opportunity to strengthen their capacity for future impact. The NGen Fellows recently released their final report, based on a survey distributed to more than 2,000 NGeners in the nonprofit, government, and private sectors. more

Kim Klein and the Commons: Foreclosures

What is a commons solution to helping people keep their private property, particularly when the scale of foreclosure is so large? There are many creative solutions being proposed, but any solution must begin with the person affected at the center and not the bank. “What will help this woman and her dog stay in her home?” is a very different question from “What should a bank do with a person who can’t pay her mortgage?” The first step in transforming this economy is to ask entirely different questions.