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Webinar: Vision for Change, A New Wave of Social Justice Leadership

This webinar will explore the findings of Vision for Change, a report based on seventeen interviews with US social justice leaders under 40 who serve as the executive or co-director of an organization. Author Helen S. Kim and Director of Research & Documentation Caroline McAndrews will detail what it takes for these leaders to do their jobs and what is needed to make concrete change that will support their visions and help to build a stronger progressive infrastructure for all stakeholders. In addition, we’ll hear from individuals interviewed for the report to find out where they are at now, and how they address the challenges they face in their work. more

Catalysts for Change Podcast with the San Francisco Foundation Center

Frances Kunreuther, director of the Building Movement Project, sits down with the Foundation Center of San Francisco to discuss how service organizations can take part in activities beyond delivering direct services to address the systemic causes of issues affecting their communities. more

Building Movement Battle Creek

A few years ago, Building Movement Project traveled to Battle Creek, Michigan, where they helped nonprofit organizations in the community begin their transformation from standard service providers to agencies of social change. Recently, the coalition put out a video that documents their group’s success. Watch as one man speaks to the benefits of community involvement, as he tells the story of how he went from client to board member in one organization. more

Couldn’t make our call for EDs and Senior Staff?  You can download the audio here!

On Wednesday, May 18th, the Building Movement Project hosted the second of our ongoing series of “cohort calls” that concentrate on the different roles/activities of service providers involved in social change work. The purpose of the calls is to build connections and share information among staffers across the country working in service delivery groups that are also looking to address larger issues affecting their clients. This call focused on the experience of Executive Directors/Senior Staff and was led by Jim Mangia, President & CEO of St. John's Well Child and Family Center in Los Angeles, CA. more

Calling all EDs and Senior Staff of service organizations doing social change work!

On Wednesday, May 18th the Building Movement Project will be hosting the next in our ongoing series of social service and social change “cohort calls.” This month’s conference call will provide a space for learning amongst EDs and senior staff of organizations that are integrating civic engagement activities into their service organizations. The conversation will be kicked off by two current EDs who will share their direct experiences engaging board members, staff and various community stakeholders in social change work while staying true to their central role as service providers. There will be significant space on the call for others to share their experiences and ask questions of the group. more

Project Team Member Kim Klein Interviewed in Real Change News!

Real Change is a Seattle-based newspaper that seeks to create opportunity and a voice for low-income people while taking action to end homelessness and poverty. In this interview with Real Change founder Timothy Harris, BMP Project Team Member Kim Klein talks about public funds, public responsibility, and reimagining the common good.


Kim Klein featured in Foundation Center Philanthropy Chat

Listen as Project Team member Kim Klein shares strategies and insights on how nonprofits should approach fundraising during difficult economic times, including paying attention to taxes and tax policy and its effect on nonprofits and advocacy. Click here to listen.


Philanthropy’s Leadership Gap - The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Read the transcript of a live discussion about whether charities are doing enough to prepare their next generation of leaders. Caroline McAndrews (Director of Leadership and Communications for Building Movement Project) and Regina Dull (28-year-old executive director of a Washington charity who has already made the transition to nonprofit leadership) answer questions posed by The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s readers. more