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Noelia Mann

Project Assistant

Noelia is a social justice advocate, artist and non-profit professional with a background in Drama, Applied Theatre and Middle Eastern Studies. Most recently, she spent four years working with Girl Be Heard, a non-profit theatre company and social justice organization that seeks to address issues of gender-based violence through performance and storytelling. Noelia held a range of positions at GBH, serving as a Teaching Artist, Development Director, and Assistant Artistic Director in turn. Previously, she worked with the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, Earth Celebrations, and Climate Wise Women. At BMP, she provides administrative and project support in a variety of areas.

Noelia is also a freelance aesthetic designer, consistently juggling a variety of design projects in the realms of costumes, sets, and residential and commercial interiors. Her advocacy interests include race and gender equity, sexual and reproductive justice, and combating gender-based violence.  She is committed to exploring the intersection of art and therapy, and the role of the arts in advocating for social justice.