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Raise MI Job Posting

Raise Michigan is currently hiring two positions; Campaign Manager and Field Director

The History:

Raise Michigan is the ballot campaign and coalition driving economic reform in Michigan to ensure that workers are treated with respect and earn enough to support their families. Forming in 2014, Raise Michigan is comprised of more than 35 coalition partners, including community and faith groups, labor organizations, and small businesses.

The Campaign:

Responsible for raising the minimum wage in 2014, including the first tipped wage increase in 20 years, Raise Michigan is now endeavoring to ensure all workers have access to earned paid sick time and to increase the minimum wage again, this time eliminating the tipped wage in favor of one fair wage for all. Earned Paid Sick Time is an essential policy for helping low-wage workers stay above water financially. Currently, 70% of low-wage workers do not have access to earned paid sick time to take care of themselves or their families when they are sick. This means that when they have to stay home they miss a day’s pay and risk losing their job. It also means that many people go to work sick, which is not only a public health hazard, particularly in the case that they work with children, the elderly, or in the food industry, but also that they cannot recover as quickly and therefor are less productive at work. The One Fair Wage campaign calls to eliminate the subminimum wage for tipped workers, currently at just $2.13/hr federally and not much higher at $3.38/hr in Michigan. We believe tipped workers should not have a separate minimum wage from other workers. We are operating a statewide ballot campaign to give voters the opportunity to weigh in on both of these issues and to make progress for Michigan workers.

You can be a part of the movement for economic justice!

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